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How much do snow shoes cost? We talk price on your best options

How Much Do Snow Shoes Cost? Check out the price guide below… Recreational snowshoes price= $50-$200 Backcountry snowshoes price= $149-$250 Racing snowshoes price= $190-$240 Women’s snowshoes price= $98-$250 Snow shoeing… Read more »

How much does an electric weed eater cost? We discuss price on 2 different options

How Much Does an Electric Weed Eater Cost? Check out price guide for the answer. Corded Electric Weed Eaters price= $30-$70 Cordless Electric Weed Eaters price= $63-$230 Purchasing an Electric… Read more »

How much is a maternity belt? We talk price on different ones

How Much Does a Maternity Belt Cost? Check out our price guide below… The average price range for most maternity belts will run between $7.73 on the low end  and … Read more »