How much does a honey bee box cost?

How Much Do Honey Bee Boxes Cost? Check out our price guide below...

Price Range for cheap to expensive bee boxes= $45.99 - $499 +

There are multiple benefits of Bee Keeping. Studies show that the Honey Bee population has been declining in recent years. Now, many people are establishing garden and community Honey Bee colonies. Not only is Bee Keeping an amazing hobby, but the hive by-products are a major bonus, like delicious honey, and wax that can be harvested for candles, balms, and other body products. Check out the different Honey Bee Box options to get started in the exciting and rewarding hobby of Bee Keeping.

Normal costs:
The Langstroth Style Bee Box, invented by Rev. LL Langstroth in 1852, is a modular, expandable beehive with convenient access for the beekeeper. The Langstroth bee box consists of vertically-hanging frames on which bees build their comb.
· sells the Honey Keeper Beehive 20 Frame Complete Box Kit (10 Deep and 10 Medium) with Metal Roof for Langstroth Beekeeping for $114.99, the Honey Keeper Beehive 10 Frame Kit Super Box and 10 Deep Frames with Foundations for Langstroth Beekeeping for $64.99, the Complete Langstroth Wax Coated Bee Hive Includes Frames & Foundations for $185, the Arboria 8 Frame Deep Hive Box Budget Cedar Wood for Langstroth Beekeeping, 14 x 19 x 9 Inches, and Made in USA for $45.99, the Happybuy 2 Layer Langstroth Bee Hive 20 Frame Beehive 10 Medium 10 Deep Langstroth Hive Kit for $97.99, and their BEST RATED - 1st Place Winner of Beehive Innovations Award, the Apimaye 10 Frame Langstroth Insulated Bee Hive Set with Plastic Handy Frames for $380.

The Warre Style Bee Box is similar to the Langstroth box, except that new boxes are added beneath the existing boxes, rather than on top of them.
· sells the Cedar Warre Hive starting at $299 - made from SFI certified sustainable red cedar, the Warre Inspired Cedar Octagonal Hive starting at $499, and the Warre Hive Roof with Quilt Box starting at $109. sells the Popsport 3 Layer Beehive Wooden House with 7PCS Auto Flow Frames Honey for Beekeepers for $269.99, the Happybuy 2-Layer Bee Hive Box with 7Pcs Auto Flow Beehive Frame Comb for Beekeepers for $238.99, and the Mophorn 2-Layer Bee Hive Box with 7Pcs Auto Flow Beehive Frame Comb for Beekeepers for $129.98.

The Top Bar Bee Box Style has a single long box and a long roof that protects the contents. Under the roof are 24 wooden bars. Each of the bars hangs vertically and has a “starter strip” from which bees will start building their comb..
· Etsy sells handcrafted Top Bar Hive boxes like the TheSaltySailorStore Top Bar beehive for $250.00, the CrabBoatJohn Top Bar Hive Box with Observation Window for $325 and the Top Bar Nuc Bee Hive with 8 top bars & Observation Window for $94, and the CustomWoodSolutions Top Bar BeeHive, Cedar, Stainless Fasteners with Metal Roof - Made to Order - for $371.75.

Do it yourself bee boxes check this video out

Save some money and build your own honey bee box with these detailed beehive plans from the following websites:
·,,,,, and

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