How much does a tennis racket cost? We review prices on beginner,advanced and junior rackets

How Much Does a Tennis Racket Cost? Check out our price guide below...

Beginner tennis racket price= $79-$180

Advanced tennis racket price= $228-$360

Junior tennis racket price= $18-$119

Tennis is a sport suitable for all ages and skill levels and delivers many health benefits. Playing tennis regularly can lower resting heart rate and blood pressure, improve muscle tone, improve strength and flexibility, lower body fat, increase bone density, and increase metabolic function. Before you choose your tennis racquet, consider your playing level. Racquets are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players. Be sure to match your skill level with the features of a tennis racquet to give you your best game!

Typical costs:

Beginner Tennis Racquets help return the ball with some power and have a larger head-size.
· sells the Gamma RZR Bubba Tennis Racquet featuring RZR Advanced Aerodynamic Technology for $199, the lightweight Pacific BX2 Finesse Prestrung Tennis Racquet for $139.95, the Wilson Burn 100LS Pre-Strung Tennis Racquet with Spin Effect Technology for $159, the 100% Graphite, Oval Framed Racquet Babolat Boost Strike Prestrung Tennis Racquet for $99, the Pacific BXT X Fast Ultra Lite Tennis Racquet for $129.95, the light and maneuverable Pacific BXT X Fast Ultra Lite Tennis Racquet for $129.95, the Head Ti.S6 Prestrung Racquet for $79.95, and the Volkl V-Sense 3 Tennis Racquet featuring a 110 square inch Head Size ideal for beginners on sale for $129.99.

Intermediate Tennis Racquets return the ball with moderate power. They deliver a combination of power and control as you develop your swing.
· sells the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity Lite Tennis Racquet Strung with Custom Racket String Colors for $189.95, the Babolat 2018 Pure Drive Tennis Racquet, Strung and includes a Racquet Bag for $268.95, the Wilson Clash 100 Tennis Racquet in Custom String Colors for $249, the Babolat Pure Drive Team Black/Blue/White Tennis Racquet Strung with Custom Racket String Colors for $199, the Babolat Pure Aero Lite Tennis Racquet for $155, the HEAD Graphene Touch Instinct S Tennis Racquet for $99, and the Fischer Magnetic Tour, Available in Various Grip Sizes and featuring Magnetic Speed Technology for $99.

Advanced Tennis Racquets are heavy, have a smaller head-size and deliver as much control as possible.

· sells the Babolat Roland Garros Pure Aero Advanced Player Tennis Racquet Pack starting at $301.95, the Stan Wawrinka (Pro Player) Yonex VCORE Pro 97 (310g) Tennis Racquet Set Bundled with a Yonex Pro 12-Pack Racket Bag, Strings, and Overgrips for $361.45, the Yonex Victoria Azarenka Pro Player EZONE 100 Tennis Racquet and Gear Bundle Pack for $331.45, the Wilson Burn 100 Countervail Limited Edition Tennis Racquet, Orange/Black (4.375) for $293.61, the Roger Federer Designed Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph Tennis Racquet for $249, the HEAD Graphene 360 Speed Pro Tennis Racquet for $229.95, and the Babolat Wimbledon AeroPro Team GT Tennis Racquet (4-3/8) for $228.

Cheap rackets vs expensive rackets check out this video to see what you will be getting.

Choosing a Junior Tennis Racquet means choosing the correct length . Junior racquets start as short as 19 inches for young kids and slowly progress up to the standard racket length of 27 inches.

· sells a variety of Junior Tennis Racquets. Check out their options for ages 3-5 like the Dunlop Nitro Junior 19" Racquet for $17.95, and the Babolat B Fly Junior 19" for $29.95. For ages 6-8 they sell the Head Speed 21 Junior Racquet for $25, the Prince Attack 21" Junior Racquet for $19.95, and the Dunlop Nitro Junior 23" Racquet for $14.95. Ages 9-10 can choose from tennis racquets like the Yonex EZONE 25 Junior Racquet for $89, the Wilson Ultra 25" Junior for $99, the Volkl V-Feel 9 Junior Racquet for $49.99, the Babolat Drive Junior 25" for $69, and the Wilson Clash 25" Junior for $119.

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