How much does a tool belt cost? We discuss price on a couple options

How Much Does a Tool Belt Cost? Check out our price guide below...

Waist tool belt prices= $20-$215

Suspender tool belt price= $50-$75

A tool belt allows you to work faster and better and climb and work from ladders more safely. Whether it's a hammer, knife, screwdriver, pencil, measuring tape, etc, the point is that you can reach into a pouch and grab the exact tool or fastener needed for the task without taking your eyes off your work. The layout of a tool belt and the hand tools you carry, can bring stunning efficiency to any job or project. Investing in the right tool belt is a great decision!

Normal cost:
Waist Tool Belts are the most popular style of tool belts and include several different sized pouches to hold your essential tools.

· sells the McGuire-Nicholas Master's 52.5 in. 2-Bag Brown Leather Tool Rig for $135, the 15-Pocket 4-Piece Pro Framer's Combo System Tool Belt for $170, the 10 Pocket Top Grain Leather Nail and Tool Pouch and Belt for $39.99, the ABCOGEAR 20 in. 12-Pocket Elite Series Pro Framer's Tool Belt Left-Handed Hammer Holder Layout for $219, the Husky 10-Pocket Black Contractor's Tool Belt for $37.72, and the ManoGrip 11 in. 10-Pocket Magnetic Tool Pouch with Belt, Platinum for $18.87.

Vest Tool Belts are a method of carrying tools and fasteners while providing even load distribution, especially when carrying multiple tools and fasteners.

Online the Holmes 10-3530-MHBLK Workwear Tool Vest sells for $44.99, the Special Operations Tool Gear Weekend Warrior (Finish Carpenter) Tactical Tool Vest for $209, the Under NY Sky Tool Apron – Magnetic Tool Holder – Heavy Duty Gray Oxford Canvas – Cross-Back – 18 Pockets – Adjustable for Men & Women for $29.99, the Occidental Leather 2575 Oxy Pro Work Vest that's made in the USA and features 28 Pockets, for $161.64, the Heavy Duty Tool Vest, Multi-Purpose Electrician Work Vest, Large Capacity Carpenters Construction Harness, Multiple Pockets And Reflective Strips, for $61.99, and the Readywares Waxed Canvas Tool Apron Vest for $39.99.

Suspender Tool Belts serve as comfortable tool organizers designed to hold your tools without placing a lot of weight on your waist. These are similar to vests, but comprised of only the tool belt and suspenders.

Occidental Leather Tool Belt Suspenders Heavy Duty Thick Straps Shoulder Pads
Occidental Leather Tool Belt Suspenders Heavy Duty Thick Straps Shoulder Pads $23.80
Time Remaining: 7d 23h 1m
Buy It Now for only: $23.80
Craftsman tool belt
Craftsman tool belt $15.00
Time Remaining: 26d 9h 13m
Buy It Now for only: $15.00
Padded Tool Work Belt 4" wide, HEAVY DUTY,extra comfort,DURABLE - fits upto 46"
Padded Tool Work Belt 4 $21.49
Time Remaining: 12d 14h 54m
Buy It Now for only: $21.49

· sells the DEWALT Framer Polyester Tool Rig Suspender Tool Belt with 7 Large Gusset Pockets and 13 Small Pockets for $79.12, and the AWP HP Electrician Polyester Tool Rig with Padded Suspenders and Large Capacity Tool Pouches for $49.98.

This is how you wear a tool belt,check this video out.

· Online sells the CLC Custom Leathercraft 1608 Electrician's Comfort Lift Combo Tool Belt, 28 Pocket for $49.90, the Bucket Boss Airlift 2 Bag Tool Belt with Suspenders in Brown, 50100 for $44.99, the Dickies Work Gear, 4-Piece Carpenter's Rig with Tool Belt, Padded Suspenders, Cooling Mesh, and Steel Buckle for $53.33, the Jackson Palmer Professional Comfort-Rig Tool Belt With Suspenders (Adjustable System with 2-Power Tool Hooks) for $37.99, and the Bucket Boss Mullet Buster 3 Bag Tool Belt with Suspenders in Grey, 55135 for $77.02.

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