5 of the best saugeye baits

I have been fishing for saugeye for years and I have caught them in lakes,rivers,ice fishing and on the hottest days of summer and I have to say they are one of my favorite fish to catch! They hit baits or lures very similar to what bass hit. They also are they most active in cold water and during the night but you can catch them anytime of the year and day.

Now lets get to why you are here and that is my list of the best saugeye baits.

5) Bluefox Spinner

Early spring this active little spinner drives the saugeye crazy and they usually hit it very hard.

4) Swimbaits

Fished with a slow up and down retrieve these Swimbaits have caught me plenty of saugeye.

3) Twisty tail grub

Yep just a plain 2-4 inch grub with a twisty tail are dynamite for saugeye just about anytime of the year. When it warms up tip them with a worm or minnow.

2) Rapala husky jerk bait

This is the bait to use in the winter and at night. Just a slight little jerk is all that is needed and the suspended rattling bait will catch you plenty of saugeye

1) Rebel small crankbait (crawdad color)

This is my top lure for saugeye! I use the medium dive crankbait that is crawdad color right after the ice is off the water in the spring all the way until the fall. I use this bait right off the shore near rocks and drop offs and it catches saugeye for me better than any other bait!

Thanks for reading and please reply with your opinion!

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