About Us

We are a small team of enthusiastic writers who enjoy writing helpful articles that help people learn how much something is before they purchase it. We feel we give the public (our readers) more knowledge to arm themselves with before purchasing something. We would love feedback on any of our articles by just commenting below them. This works great if you have previously purchased what the article is actually about.

Now lets meet our writers!

J.P. Jasper- J.P is from Ohio he loves the outdoors,sports,and electronics. If there is an article related to the outdoors he most likely has written it.

Beverley- Beverley has been professional writing articles for years and it shows with her work. Her passion is home and garden,arts and craft,pets (especially dogs) and Halloween.

George- George is from the U.K he brings years of experience in writing when he joined our team. He is an expert in tech and loves to write about topics on electronics,and tech related titles.

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