How much do clothes for a Chihuahua cost? We discuss price for different styles

How Much Do Clothes for a Chihuahua Dog Cost?

Simple Chihuahua clothes price= $6.99-$40

Extravagant Chihuahua clothes price= $45-$90

Check out these clothes for Chihuahuas below…

If you have a Chihuahua, you have most likely thought about Chihuahua clothes at one time or another. There has always been a need for functional clothes, to keep dogs safe, warm or waterproofed, but in recent years the market for non-functional outfits is booming. Let your Chihuahua look & feel fabulous in their new wardrobe! Remember, when dressing your Chihuahua make sure the clothes fit properly, they don’t rub and they don’t restrict movement and your Chihuahua does not get too hot.
Typical costs:

· Dresses are a sweet way to make your Chihuahua look and feel like a princess. Choose from the Wolflink She’s Just Lovely Dress for $48, the Camila Party Dress for $41. the Chewy Vuiton Blush Backpack Ruffle Dress for $44, the Sniffany Champagne Ruffle Dress for $44, the Lil’ Angel Dress for $40, and the Hawaiian Red Hibiscus Designer Dog Dress with Matching Leash for $33, all at

· Chihuahuas are small and prone to illness in cold temperature. Buy your Chihuahua couple of warm sweaters and coats for the cold winter months. sells many sweaters like the Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture-Sunny Cable Knit Sweater with Ribbon for $11.99, the Angel Mall Adidog Hoodie Pet Clothes Dog Sweaterfor $6.99, the Anima Knit Argyle Sweater with Matching 14-Inch Scarf for $22.74, and the SMALLLEE_LUCKY_STORE Small Dog Sweater Classic Cable for $10.46. Their Chihuahua coat selection is great too, like the Puppy Dog Warm Jacket Fur Hoodie Coat Pet Outwear Windproof Clothes Chihuahua for $8.69, and the QPet Bubble Pet Jacket for $20.60.

· Costumes for your Chihuahua can be lots of fun! Whether it’s Halloween or a costume party. has many Chihuahua costumes to choose from like the Taco Dog Costume, Lion Dog Costume and Unicorn Dog Costume all for $16.99. The Mermaid Dog Costume for $19.99, the Spider Dog Costume for $12.99, and the Spider Dog Costume for $12.99 at

· Is your Chihuahua one of a kind? Then how about a custom-made, one of a kind outfit for your dog? sells a Sleeveless Custom Dog Shirt with Your Pet’s Name or Logo for only $18.95. sells unique Chihuahua clothes made-to-order like Handmade Dog Apparel Premium Quality Dog Poncho by Baja Ponchos for $19.99, Chihuahua Wedding Attire, Tuxedo, Formal Suit for $65, Chihuahua Jumpsuit and Overalls for $98, and Chihuahua Fleece Housecoat for $10.99.

Check out this video on the 101 on Chihuahua breed and clothes

· You will want to shop for all the adorable accessories to accompany your Chihuahua’s new wardrobe. sells everything you need like collars, harnesses, bandannas, collar charms, necklaces and jewelry, scarves, hair pins, socks and shoes, and plush dog toys, ranging in price from $6.99-$99.

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· Consider purchasing preowned Chihuahua clothes. This is a great way to get the top brands at a fraction of the price. Sites like and sell preowned Chihuahua clothes for as low as $3.50.

· Most sites offer discounts and free shipping if you sign up for their newsletter, promotions or coupons.

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