How much do clown costumes cost? We discuss different sizes

Prices for clown costumes…

Kids clown costume cost= $14.99 – $95.00

Adult clown costume cost= $25.00 – $300

Professional custom made clown costume cost= $50 – $500

The Clown theme is a fun and easy costume design for Halloween. Clown characters have transformed over the years and so has the costumes. There are many Clown costume options such as the traditional Whiteface, Tramp, Mime, and Auguste (Fool). Most basic Clown costumes are based on these characters. Killer Clown costumes and Pennywise Clown costumes have gained popularity in the “Creepy Clown” costume category in recent years.

Typical costs:

· carries a variety of kids Clown costumes like the Toddler Jester Costume $14.88, Child’s Big Top Clown Costume $18.95, Child Bubbles the clown Costume $13.88, and Toddler Lil’ Hobo Clown Costume for $9.88. The Clown Around Town Child Costume $17.99, Toddler Big Top Fun Costume $24.79, and Inflatable Clown Costume for Kids $31.19 on are colorful and playful Clown costumes. For the kid who wants to “fright” this Halloween, there are plenty of scary Clown costumes available like Scary the Carnival Clown Child Costume $30.97, Monster Collection Clown Morph-suit $54.97, and Carn-Evil Playful Clown Child Costume for $17.97 all at

· Teens and adults can bring laughter and cheer to any Halloween party this season dressed in their favorite Clown costume. sells the Adult Mardi Gras Clown Costume $27.95, Adult Clownin’ Around Costume $24.88, Deluxe Snazzy Clown Costume $29.95, and the Mime Black/White Harlequin Tailcoat Costume for $34.95. sells elaborate Evil Clown Halloween costumes like the Nightmare Clown Costume $39.99, Last Laugh Clown Costume $69.99, Adult Grand Heritage Pennywise Costume $99.99 and Giggles the Clown Creature-Reacher Costume for $249.99

· Custom-made Clown Halloween costumes are another option. They can be tailored to specific measurements or simply purchased as is. has a huge assortment of custom-made Clown costumes for kids and adults ranging from $14.50 to $400, as well as many accessories. also sells rare Vintage Clown Costumes. makes custom Clown Costumes starting at $375.

· Show off your pet’s sense of humor this Halloween with the perfect Clown costume. Sites like and sell classic, themed, and even scary Clown costumes for dogs and cats starting at $7.99

· No matter which Clown costume you choose, you are going to need accessories such as Clown shoes, curly wig, big red nose, Clown makeup, etc. Sites like and specialize in Clown costume accessories and prices range from $3.34 to $50.

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· Buying a used Clown Halloween costume can save money, especially since these costumes are only worn a handful of times. Sites like and sell pre-owned Clown costumes starting at $19.99.

Check out this helpful DIY video for making a clown costume

· Another option is a DIY Clown Halloween costume., and offer a variety of fun instructions for making your own Clown costume. Additionally, there are unlimited video tutorials of DIY Clown costumes, from silly to scary Clowns, on

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