How much do ice skates cost? We review prices on speed,hockey and figure ice skates

How Much Do Ice Skates Cost? Check out our price guide below…

Figure ice skates prices= $40 – $900

Speed ice skate prices= $199 – $2000

Hockey ice skate prices= $60-$700

Ice-skating is a popular way to have fun and exercise in the winter. It provides intense cardiovascular movement which improves balance and builds muscle in your legs and core. There are many indoor and outdoor skating rinks, some of which are open all year long. Ice-skating also offers hockey and speed skating as competitive sports. Regardless of your skating ability, one thing’s for sure – you’ll need a pair of ice-skates!

Figure Ice Skates feature curved fronts serrated with toe-picks for performing advanced moves and their blades extend about an inch beyond the back of the boot. Figure ice skates are designed for jumps, spins and other figure skating moves.
Normal costs: $40 – $900

· specializes in figure ice skates like Edea custom skates starting at $100 to $899, Riedell figure skates from $85 to $744, the popular Graf figure skates ranging from $189 to $449, and different brands of toddler figure ice skates from $45 to $269. This site also has a category of figure skates under $80.

Recreational Ice Skates are for anyone who skates for enjoyment. They come in a variety of styles for adults and kids, they can also be purchased with a double blade for extra balance.
Normal costs: $30 – $150

· sells recreational ice skates like the Bauer Flow Recreational Ice Skates on sale for $49.97, the Bauer Lil Champ Youth Recreational Ice Skates for $34.99, the K2 FIT Boa Mens Recreational Ice Skates for $129.99, the Bladerunner Zephyr Womens Ice Skates on clearance for $69.97, and the Jackson Softec Sport Women’s Recreational Ice Skates for $109.95.

Hockey Ice Skates are designed for the rugged sport of hockey. Their boots angle the feet forward like athletic shoes and provide a lot of padding for skating long periods on the ice.

Normal costs: $60 – $700

· is your one-stop-shop for hockey skates and accessories. They sell the Winnwell Balance Blade Adjustable Skates – Youth for $59.99, the Bauer Vapor X2.5 Ice Hockey Skates – Senior for $149.99, the 5 Star Ccm Ribcor 80k Ice Hockey Skate – Senior for $699.99, the Bauer Nexus N2900 Ice Hockey Skates – Junior for $299.99, and they carry protective gear like helmets, gloves, pads, shields and more, starting at $24.99.

Speed Ice Skates are lightweight and flexible, allowing the feet to move in a running position. They have long blades that extend well beyond the boot. These skates are designed for fast, forward movement.
Normal costs: $199 – $2000

· sells short track speed skating boots and blade packages like the Maplez Premium Pb Mv-1 Short Track Speed Skating Package (Includes Maple Premium PB Blades & MapleZ MV-1 Boots) for $474.99, and the Bont Sonic Bont Patriot Carbon Short Track Speed Skating Package (Includes Bont Patriot Carbon Speed Skating Boots & Bont Sonic Speed Skating Blades) for $254.99.

Never been ice skating before? Check out this video for some tips.

· Purchase long track skating packages at Cascadespeedskates like the Viking Red Bar Sprint Viking Nagano Gold Long Track Speedskating Package, featuring Kevlar construction & Viking Nagano Red Bar Sprint Clap blades for $1009.99, the Maple Comet Aluminum Maple Rl-7000 Long Track Speedskating Package (Includes boots made with Heat-Moldable Thermal Plastic for a great fit and Maple Comet Aluminum Blades) for $494.99, plus they sell speedskating apparel & protective gear.

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