How much do outdoor Halloween inflatables cost? We review prices on some of the best

How Much Do Halloween Inflatables Cost? Check out our price guide below…

Stationary Halloween inflatables price =$25.99 +

Animated Halloween inflatables price= $50.99 +

If you love to get into the spirit of Halloween, inflatable decorations can completely transform the appearance and the scariness of your yard, making everything so much more exciting and fun. Halloween inflatables connect to a power source, then rapidly self inflate. You can choose different sized Halloween inflatables and themes. Many Halloween inflatables have glowing parts and moving parts to add more spookiness.

Basic costs:
· Stationary Halloween Inflatables are durable and great for indoor or outdoor use. sells the 72″ Halloween Inflatable Pop-Up Haunted Ghost for $82.99, the 6ft Halloween Inflatable Three Floating Ghosts for $67.99, and the 12ft Halloween Inflatable Bloodshot Monster for $105.60. sells the Halloween 9.5 ft Lighted House of Horrors Archway Airblown Inflatable for $25.99, the Halloween Airblown Inflatable 3.5 FT Slimer Ghostbusters for $53.99, and the Homegear Halloween Decorations 8 Feet Inflatable Ghost with LED Glow Light for $26.99.

· Animated Halloween Inflatables have a lot of action and are cool to watch. Visit your local Walmart or their website for the 5 ft. Animated Airblown Halloween Inflatable Black Cat with Turning Head for $65.02, the 8.5′ Animated Airblown Skeleton Pirate Ship Halloween Inflatable for $159.99, and the 4 Foot Inflatable Animated Ghost Halloween Decoration Lighted Lawn Yard Garden Outdoor Décor for $51.98. Check out the 10′ LED Lighted Inflatable Flying Witch with Animation Halloween Outdoor Decoration for $207.99 at

· Gemmy Brand Halloween Inflatables are gaining popularity among Halloween enthusiasts. Check out their Gemmy Airblown Light Show Short Circuit Frightening Ghost for $54.07, the Gemmy Airblown Inflatables 4 ft. Projection Phantasm Pumpkin Reaper for $102.25, the Gemmy Airblown Projection Fire And Ice Gruesome Gargoyle Inflatable for $69.95, and their Halloween Gemmy 4 ft Lights Up Vampire & Witch Airblown Inflatable for $49.99.

Get inspired to decorate for Halloween with huge inflatables by watching this video…

Best Selling Halloween Inflatables 2019:
1. Halloween Inflatables 8′ Tall Inflatable Dead Tree w/ Ghost on Top/ Pumpkins on Bottom $89.95.

2. Gemmy Halloween Airblown Inflatable Spider, Kaleidoscope Lightshow Spider is 8 Feet Wide, Features Black and White Legs and MultiColor Kaleidoscope Lightshow Body $75.19.

3. Best Choice Products 4FT Inflatable Pumpkin Halloween Decoration w/UL Certified LED Lights $21.99.

4. 7.5 Foot Long Inflatable Halloween Pumpkins $69.

5. 7 Foot Long Halloween Inflatable Grim Reaper on Motorcycle Yard Decoration $149.

6. Inflatable Shaking Halloween Frankenstein Monster – 5 Feet Tall – Animated Shaking $89.95.

7. Gemmy Outdoor Ghost with Witch Hat, White, Standard $32.73.

8. HUGE 10.5 ft. long Halloween Inflatable Projection Kaleidoscope Preying Mantis Yard Decor $129.99.

9. Airflowz Inflatable 8′ Pumpkin Patch Inflatable Halloween Decoration Autumn Fall Harvest $41.99.

10. BZB Goods 7 Foot Tall Illuminated Halloween Inflatable Headless Horseman with Tombstones $105.99.

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