How much do snow shoes cost? We talk price on your best options

How Much Do Snow Shoes Cost? Check out the price guide below…

Recreational snowshoes price= $50-$200

Backcountry snowshoes price= $149-$250

Racing snowshoes price= $190-$240

Women’s snowshoes price= $98-$250

Snow shoeing is becoming a popular winter sport. Anyone can join the winter fun! All ages and ability levels can participate. Snow shoeing requires little equipment. You can even try before you buy, with snow shoe and pole rental options. Choosing the right snowshoes will depend on your terrain conditions, experience level and body weight. Be sure to do your research and even try out a few rentals before making your final purchase.

Normal costs:

· Recreational snowshoes are for gentle terrain. They are flexible, easy to adjust and great for beginners. sells the Camouflage Crescent Moon EVA The All Foam Snowshoe for $132.99, the Charcoal MSR Snowshoe Kit w/ Poles for $199.95, the MSR Men’s Revo Trail Snowshoe for $134.99, the Tubbs Kids’ Snowglow Snowshoe for $49.95, the Tubbs Flex ESC Snowshoe for $129.95, Tubbs Men’s Frontier Snowshoe for $159.95, and the Cyan / Black Tubbs Flex Jr Snowshoe for $64.95.

· Backcountry snowshoes have durable bindings and larger crampons for tackling steeper, icier slopes. sells the BACKCOUNTRY Snow Shoes in multiple colors for $239, the Elite Snow SHoes for $219, and the Tundra Snow Shoes for $249. sells the Fimbulvetr RANGR-X Snowshoe for $223.99, the Black / Kelly Atlas Stratus 30 Snowshoe for $149.99, the Louis Garneau Men’s Phenom Snowshoe for $239.99, the Atlas Treeline Snowshoe for $199.99, and the Crescent Moon Silver 17 Snowshoes on sale for $159.99.

· Racing snowshoes are sleek and shorter. They are designed for groomed tracks where races occur. sells the TSL Snowshoes Symbioz Racing Snowshoe, 8 x 21.5 for $186.96, the NORTHERN LITES Race Snowshoes Orange/Black One Size for $229, the Crescent Moon Gold 12 Running Snowshoes for $194.21, and the Atlas Snow Race Snowshoe for $237.97.

Don’t know what snowshoe you need check out this video for help.

· Women’s specific snowshoes are a slimmer and lighter variety. They have smaller bindings to suit women’s smaller foot sizes.On-line sells the Winterial Yukon Snowshoes 25 Inch Lightweight All Terrain Women’s Snow Shoes with Carry Bag and Adjustable Poles for $89.99, the Atlas Snowshoes Company Women’s Access Elektra Snowshoe for $124.69, the ALPS Adult Lightweight Snowshoes Set for Women,Girls+Trekking Poles and Carrying Tote for $79.99, the Tubbs Women’s Frontier Snowshoe ranging from $99.17 to $159.95, the MSR Women’s Revo Trail Hiking Snowshoes for $179.95, the Yukon Charlies Pro Float Women’s Snowshoe for $136.96, and the Crescent Moon Gold 13 Mountain Hiking Snowshoes for Women for $258.95.

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· Renting snowshoes is a great way to try out your gear first and experiment with different styles. Most Ski Resorts offer snowshoe rentals for an average of $28 per day.

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