How much does a beard trimmer cost? We discuss price on corded and cordless options

How Much Does a Beard and Mustache Trimmer Cost? Review our price guide below…

Corded beard trimmer price= $13-$60

Cordless beard trimmer price= $20-$50

Wet and dry beard trimmer price= $35-$60

Beard and Mustache Trimmers are easy to use and they allow you to focus on the details of your signature look. Whether wanting a new style, or grooming your classic look, beard and mustache trimmers let you expertly trim and maintain your mustache, beard, goatee or sideburns. No two guys have the same needs, that’s why some trimmers can do it all, while other trimmers specialize in detailing. Some are waterproof and some are designed just for travel. Choosing the perfect beard and mustache trimmer might mean buying more than you want.

Normal costs:

Corded Beard and Mustache Trimmers are reliable and provide steady power.
· sells the Conair Corded Beard & Mustache Trimmer with 5 Adjustable Positions for $13.02, the Wahl Corded Hair Clipper Beard Trimmer which features High-Carbon Steel Blades and 10 guide combs for different styles and lengths for $36.99, and the Wahl Clipper Close Cut Pro 13 Piece Ultra-Close Haircutting Kit – Fades, Outlining and Skin Close Shaving for $33.49. sells the Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut Kit & Beard Trimmer, Hair Clippers for Men (15 pieces) for $23.14, and the Barber Shop’s favorite pick The Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade, Model GTO for $59.43 and includes a heavy-duty 8-foot cord with hanger loop.

Cordless Beard and Mustache Trimmers are convenient because you can use them practically anywhere. Most provide up to an hour of cutting time on a single charge.
· sells the Wahl Groomsman Rechargeable Beard, Mustache, Hair & Nose Hair Trimmer for Detailing & Grooming – Model 5622 with 14 Cutting Lengths for $19.99, the Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Beard Trimmer (8 Pieces) for $20.80 and includes a storage pouch, the Pure Enrichment TRYM Lithium – Beard Trimmer and 11-Piece Grooming Kit with USB Charging Cable, Charging Dock, 4 Trim Attachments, Cleaning Brush, Clipper Oil and Drawstring Travel Bag for $20.80, and the Remington MB6850 Vacuum Stubble and Beard Trimmer, Lithium Power and Adjustable Length Comb w/ 11 Length Settings (2-18mm) for $49.99 includes a powerful vacuum system that captures up to 95% of trimmed hairs.

Wet and Dry Use Beard and Mustache Trimmers are good in the shower and/or with shave gels, lotions, and foams.
· sells the The Lawn Mower 2.0 Electric Trimmer that features a rust resistant ceramic blade for $49.99. sells the Philips Norelco – OneBlade Wet/Dry Electric Trimmer for $34.99, the Water Resistant Wet/Dry Wahl – Aqua Blade Trimmer for $59.99, and the Philips Norelco – Click & Style Wet/Dry Trimmer with 3 Click-on Attachments for $49.99.

Check out this video review on some of the best beard trimmers

You’ll need the right accessories to complete your look. Check out these grooming accessories from New York’s
· Sandalwood Travel Bag $38
· Black Leather Wash Bag $135
· Exfoliating Sisal Sponge $10
· Power Brush And Pre-Shave Gel $65
· Sandalwood Beard Comb $30
· Sandalwood Beard Shaping Tool $30
· 7-Piece Manicure Set $160
· Horn Moustache Comb $25
· Dozens of Beautifully Scented/Unscented Shaving Oils from $15 to $95

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