How much does a car cover cost? We review prices on different types

How Much Does a Car Cover Cost?

Price Range: $100 – $800

A car cover is essential for keeping your vehicle in optimal condition. Most cars are stored outside and exposed to elements like dirt, UV rays, rain, sleet, and snow. These conditions can damage your car and lead to pricy repairs. Even if you store your car indoors, a good quality car cover can protect your freshly waxed exterior from accumulating dust and dirt, and provide a protective layer of padding from accidental bumps and smacks. No matter your budget, there’s a car cover for you!

Indoor Car Covers are perfect for both long term storage or everyday use. Indoor car covers protect your vehicle from indoor hazards like dust, scratches and bumps.

Normal costs: $145 – $320

· specializes in indoor car covers like the Form-Fit® Indoor Cover starting at $320 that’s boasted to be the most luxurious car cover ever made and comes with a 4-Year Covercraft Warranty, the Coverking Satin Stretch™ Indoor that’s specifically designed for indoor use starting at $229, the Polycotton Indoor Car Cover starting at $145, the Covercraft Dustop® Indoor Car Cover with 4 layers of fabric starting at $205, and the Machine Washable Viewshield® Car Cover starting at $285.

Outdoor Car Covers are specifically designed to protect against the harsh effects of rain, snow, hail, high winds, UV rays, debris, dust, scratches, and abrasions.
Normal costs: $100 – $400

· sells the CarCapsule Outdoor Vehicle Storage System featuring twin 380 CFM high-pressure fans that continuously pull in fresh air through charcoal filters, starting at $839. Check out the budget friendly AutoAnything SELECT Custom Car Cover friendly and provides full coverage from AutoAnything SELECT Custom Car Cover for only $183.99. The ProZ Silver Shield Outdoor Car Cover including a storage bag, lock and cable (to prevent wind from blowing the cover off), and an antenna grommet for only $199.95. Check out the Smittybilt Full Climate Cover for Jeeps Manufactured from space-age fabric starting at $106.99, and the Carhartt Work Truck Cover featuring Rain Defender technology starting at $370.

Plastic Disposable Car Covers are ideal for short-term protection against messy projects like painting, power-washing, or woodworking and unwanted elements like dust, debris, and chemicals.
Typical costs: $8 – $13.50

· sells Disposable Car & Truck Plastic Car Covers for Temporary use starting at $8. Their Universal Plastic Car Covers (12 ft x 22 ft) (quantities from 5 to 100) range in price from $8 to $11.50 and their Universal Plastic Truck, Van & SUV Covers (size 16 ft x 24 ft) range in price from $9.74 to $13.50 (quantities from 5 to 100).

Check out this video on buying the right car cover

Lanmodo Car Tent is the world’s first automatic wireless car umbrella! It protects you and your car from bad weather like bright sun, snow, rain, hail, and more. It can even withstand strong winds up to 30 mph. The Lanmodo installs, folds, and unfolds with a one-touch wireless remote. Designed with a portable, folding structure, you can use the Lanmodo anywhere you park your car.
Typical costs: $239 – $799

· Visit or and check out the Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent starting at $299. Other models include Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent All In-one Unit, the Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Automatic Car Tent with Stand, and the Lanmodo Pro Four-Season Semi-Auto Car Tent, with prices ranging from $239 to $799.

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