How much does a Carhartt jacket cost? We explore prices for kids,women’s and mens

How Much Does a Carhartt jacket Cost?

Kids Carhartt jacket price= $39.99 – $79.99

Women’s Carhartt jacket price=: $59.99 – $150

Men’s Carhartt jacket price= $80-$210

Check out these Carhartt coats below…

Carhartt jackets come in a variety of styles and weights, from water-repellent rain gear, wind resistant work jackets, Sherpa lined coats for rugged conditions, and more! Carhartt coats are created to fit the needs of all work professionals as well as casual outdoor activities. With so many choices, men, woman and kids can enjoy the warmth and versatility of Carhartt coats.
Normal costs:

· Children’s Carhartt  jackets are designed for warmth, comfort and softness. They include multiple styles with different linings to ensure kids stay warm whether they’re running around the park or the farm. sells the Carhartt Youth Girls’ Sherpa Lined Redwood Jacket for $59.99, the Carhartt Toddler Boys’ Hooded Quilted Flannel Lined Active Jacket for $49.99, the Carhartt Youth Boys’ Camo Hooded Flannel Quilt Lined Active Jacket for $79.99, the Carhartt Youth Girls’ Flannel Quilt Lined Wildwood Jacket for $69.99, and the Carhartt Toddler Girls’ Camo Sherpa Lined Redwood Jacket for $39.99. sells the Gilliam Hooded Jacket for $69.99, and the Quick Duck Bunting for Infants for $64.99.

· Women’s Carhartt Coats are designed to give the same functionality as Carhartt’s men’s styles, but with shorter sleeve lengths and a closer fit to the body. sells the Weathered Duck Wesley Coat-Women’s Heavyweight Coat With A Quilt-Lined Construction for $119.99, the Heritage Denim Chore Coat-Women’s Insulated Denim Coat With Classic Style for $79.99, the Women’s W-Amoret Coat-Lightweight, Quilted CORDURA® Nylon Water Repellent Coat for $119.99, the Crawford Bomber Jacket-Women’s Rugged Bomber Jacket That’s Built To Move for $69.99, and the Full Swing® Cryder Jacket-Insulated Jacket For Women Made With Plenty Of Stretch for $149.99.

· Men’s Carhartt Coats are constructed from high-quality fabrics and are both durable and affordable. sells the Sandstone Traditional Arctic Quilt Lined Coat for $129.99, the Quick Duck Sawtooth Parka for $209.99, the Men’s Midweight Waterproof Shoreline Jacket for $129.99, the Bankston Quilted Flannel-Lined Bomber Jacket for $89.99, the Camo Quilted Flannel-Lined Active Jacket for $109.99, and the Men’s Two-Layer Field Coat for $129.99.

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· Shop online for Carhartt Factory second coats. These are retail items which have minor manufacturing faults and are sold to the public for a reduced rate, rather than being discarded. and sells Carhartt Factory second coats such as the Carhartt Ridge Sherpa-Lined Coat for $59, the Carhartt Sandstone Arctic Traditional Duck Work Coat for $79.99, the Carhartt Flannel-Lined Duck Active Jacket for $59.99, and the Carhartt Duck Chore Coat for $49.99

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· Buying a used Carhartt coat can save money if you are on a budget. Sites like, and sell pre-owned Carhartt coats starting at $25.

· offers 25% off their men, women and children’s coats through different promotions and seasonal sales.

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