How much does a Cinderella Halloween costume cost? We discuss kids,adult and custom made

Child Cinderella costume cost=$19.99 – $50.00

Adult Cinderella costume cost= $35.00 – $150.00

Custom-Made Cinderella costume cost=$200 – $700

Get Cinderella’s princess look with the perfect costume. Whether it’s a special occasion such as a birthday party, Halloween night or princess dress-up play day, a special dress with accessories is all that is needed for ultimate fun and special memories.

Typical costs:
· Children’s Cinderella Halloween costumes can be found at local retailers during the holiday season or can be purchased online. Online purchasing offers a much larger selection. Pay $19.95 for a Cinderella Deluxe Child Dress Up Costume at Parties4kids. sells the Kids Happily Ever After Princess Costume
for $39.99. The Princess Cinderella Cosplay Halloween Party Fancy Dress sells for only $20.99 on

· Enchanting Princess Elite Collection Costume for $142.70. has the Disney Cinderella Cosplay Costume Dress for $99.99. Find the CosFantasy Cinderella Cosplay Dress Layered Costume Ball Gown for $79.99 on

· Homemade and custom crafted Cinderella Halloween costumes are another option. They can be tailored to specific measurements or simply purchased as is. has many custom made Cinderella costumes fro $47.99 to $690. More one-of-a-kind Cinderella costumes can be found at for $500 and at for $715.90.

· Every Cinderella Princess needs her glass slippers, choker necklace, special gloves, and beautiful head-band. These accessories cost around $11.99 to $59.99 and can be purchased at, and

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· Purchasing a used Cinderella Halloween costume can save a lot of cash. Sites like, and have used costumes for only $10 – $20.

Check out this DIY Cinderella costume video

· Another option is a DIY Cinderella Halloween costume. and offer instructions for making your own Cinderella costume. Visit for video tutorials.

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