How much does a deer feeder cost? We discuss prices on different types

How Much Does a Deer Feeder Cost?

Price Range: $50 – $650

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or a wildlife novice, a deer feeder is a useful tool to understand deer behavior, draw deer to your backyard for leisure viewing, or to better your chances for a successful hunt. Deer feeders can maintain deer in your hunting area or even draw a big buck to within bow range. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a deer feeder such as stability, ease of filling, feed capacity, weight, and price. Once you narrow down your expectations, shopping for the right deer feeder will be a cinch.

Gravity Deer Feeders are the simplest type of feeder. They’re containers that have a trough, and deer come and eat feed from the trough. As the grain is eaten, gravity pushes more feed into the trough.
Typical Costs: $70 – $650

· sells gravity deer feeders like the REDNECK BLINDS T-POST GRAVITY FEEDER on sale for $69.99 that’s made from tough heavy-duty polyethylene and has an 80lb. corn capacity. They also sell the REDNECK BLINDS 750 LB FIBERGLASS GRAVITY FEEDER for $649.99 featuring a 4-way feeding tube, adjustable flow control baffles, and a rodent resistant fiberglass hopper and lid.

· sells the 5 Star FEEDBANK 40 GRAVITY DEER FEEDER with a 40 lb. feed capacity and a large overlapping door for $139. They also sell the FEEDBANK 150 GRAVITY DEER FEEDER for $229, this feeder can be mounted on a single post, has a 150 lb. feed capacity, and includes a large, watertight cover.

Tripod Deer Feeders consist of a container that holds the feed (barrel, drum or round pod) held by the three legs. Most have a spinner plate, which is an electronic device that takes the feed, spreading it outward in a 360-degree circle around the feeder.
Typical costs: $80 – $350

· sells the Moultrie Pro Magnum Tripod Deer Feeder – 30-Gallon – LCD Timer – 200 lb. Capacity, All-Metal Feeder Kit for $218.55 with Easy-to-program LCD timer that programs up to 6 feed times a day. Check out the AMERICAN HUNTER GSM R-225PROVB 225LB Tripod Feeder W/R-KI on sale for $79.99 featuring a Heavy duty poly barrel with Quick release lid and built in varmint guard. The Boss Buck “All in Series Automatic Deer Feeder for $314.64 at converts from gravity to auto in seconds, has a one piece galvanized leg system, and 200lb corn capacity.

Hanging Deer Feeders are in the shape of a drum or a bucket that you hang from a post, branch, or DIY structure. These also have a spin plate that disperses feed.
Typical costs: $50 – $75

· has plenty of deals like the Moultrie All-in-one Programmable Hanging Deer Feeder for only $57.49 which is easy to set up and program, the Galvanized Steel Pail and Deer Feeder 6.5 Gal Hanging Camo Barrel for $52.15, the Moultrie 13282 6.5 Gallon Directional Hanging Bucket Auto Timer Game Deer Feeder for $67.99, and the American Hunter AHNF60 Collapsible Hanging Feeder 50 Lbs for $71.07 – folds down to less than 10″ for compact use and features a 1-30 second adjustable feed rate.

Shopping for a Deer Feeder:
· Deer feeders are utilized by hunters and nature lovers alike, but you will need to be aware of the laws in your area pertaining to deer feeders. Some states will allow them only at certain times (growth season opposed to hunting season), and in certain locations (private land but not public land), some states are very strict, while some states are more relaxed. Visit for up-to-date, state-by-state deer baiting and deer feeding laws.

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