How much does a floor sander cost? We discuss price on a couple options

How Much Does a Floor Sander Cost? Check our price guide below.

Drum sanders price = $4,000-$8,000+

Edge sanders price= $1,900- $2,300

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Sanding a hard surface floor takes energy and hard work. You want to be sure you have the right machine to get the job done correctly and efficiently. The right floor sander can help remove grout stains from tile floors, can help to restore marble floors, can remove tough set-in stains and dirt, and can refinish old hardwood floors. Some machines are for heavy duty and for commercial use, while others are less abrasive and multi-purpose. The following floor sanders are examples of what’s available.

Normal costs:
Drum Sanders are heavy duty floor sanders. These are for your roughest jobs and will be able to tackle any floor. These types of sanders make great rentals as they only have one use and are very expensive.

· sells the American Sanders EZ-8 – 8″ Drum Sander with Expandable Drum for $4,155, the Galaxy Super 2000 – 8″ Belt Drum Combo Sander for $7,401.56, the American Sanders American 8 – 8″ Drum Sander for $8,193.75, the Lagler Elf 200 – 8″ Floor Drum Sander for $6,513.17, and the Lagler Elf 300 – 12″ Floor Drum Sander for $7,702.47.

· Visit your local Home Depot for Heavy Duty Drum Sander rentals. Their rental prices are around $46 for 4-Hours (Minimum), $66 Per Day, $264 Per Week, and $792 Per 4 Weeks.

Smoothing Sanders vibrate and are floor sanders that will smooth out the wood floor. Vibrating sanders are light, easy to manage, and glide across the floor.

· sells the American Sanders RS-16DC Rotary Sander w/Dust Control for $1,399, the American Sanders Epoch Dual Speed Rotary Sander for $2,399, the American Sanders OBS-18DC Orbital Sander w/Dust Control for $2,949, and the Pioneer Eclipse FM 2000 20″ Floor Maintainer for $2,499.

Edge Sanders will work the edges of your wood and get to all of those places that are hard to reach with the other sanders. They are small and are hand held.
· sells the Lagler Unico Floor Edger for $1,999.75, the Lagler Flip Floor Edger for $1,959.75, the American Sanders – Clarke EZ-E Extension Edger 8″0 for $2,175, and the American Sanders – B2 Edger for $1,964.79.

Need some tips for using a floor sander? Check this video out

A Sander Vacuum will come in handy considering sander machines can create quite a mess. A sander vacuum will get rid of all of the dust left behind.

· sells the CENTRAL MACHINERY® 70 Gallon 2 HP Heavy Duty High Flow High Capacity Dust Collector for $209.99, and the CENTRAL MACHINERY® 13 Gallon 1 HP Heavy Duty High Flow Dust Collector for $154.99.

· sells the Dayton Mobile Dust Collector, 1 HP, 115/230 V for $373, the EconoLine Dust Collector, 115 V for $302, the Datyon Portable Dust Collector, 3/4 HP, 115/230V for $295, the Jet Dust Collector, 650 CFM, 1 HP for $413, the EconoLine Dust Collector, 1/2 HP for $647, and the BAILEIGH INDUSTRIAL Dust Collector, 1650 cfm, 2 HP, 220V, 10A for $714.

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