How much does a Minnie Mouse costume cost? We discuss prices for kids,adults,and custom made

Prices for Minnie mouse costumes…

Child size Minnie mouse costumes =$8.99 – $95.00

Adult size Minnie mouse costumes= $19.99 – $300.00

Custom Made Minnie mouse costumes=$29.99 – $175

One of the most recognizable characters in the world is Minnie Mouse. She is sweet and stylish! Minnie Mouse’s signature bow and polka dots come in many varieties and create a playful Halloween costume.

Normal costs:
· Children’s Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes can be found at local retailers during the holiday season or can be purchased online. A greater selection is available if you choose to purchase online. This Minnie Mouse Disney Costume is a simple dress and head-piece for only $8.99 at and The Kids Disney Minnie Mouse Girls Costume is $19.99 at sells a fun Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pink Minnie Mouse Glow in the Dark Child Costume for $21.97. sells a Disney Store Original Style Minnie Mouse Costume RED Dress with Gloves for $45.00. If you are looking for an infant Minnie Mouse costume sells a Girls’ Minnie Mouse Costume Pink 12-18 Months and a Girls’ Disney Red Minnie Mouse Baby Costume starting at $15.99. Disney’s official retailer,, sells Minnie Mouse costumes and accessories for kids and pets starting at $22.95.

· Teens and adults can look adorable in an iconic Minnie Mouse Halloween costume too. sells the Red Minnie Classic Adult Costume for $39.99 and the Red Glam Minnie Mouse Costume for $59.99. offers Plus Sizes as well. sells a variety of Minnie Mouse costumes. These are complete costumes that include a Minnie Mouse head, body, shoes, and hand covers. These costumes are the closest to Disney’s Minnie Mouse character and start at $130.99.

· Custom-made Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes are another option. They can be tailored to specific measurements or simply purchased as is. has a huge assortment of custom-made Minnie Mouse costumes for babies, toddlers and children ranging from $29.99 to $95, as well as lots of accessories. sells a variety of Minnie Mouse themed clothing for kids and each item is custom made upon purchase. Prices range from $23.00 to $49.99.

· A Minnie Mouse Halloween dog or cat costume is an adorable choice for your pet this Halloween! Sites like,, and sell Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes for your pets ranging from $7.98 to $30.99

· Every Minnie Mouse needs her signature accessories such as the classic tail, gloves, stockings, ears, bow and more. Find these accessories starting at $6.99 on, and

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· Buying a used Minnie Mouse Halloween costume can save money, especially since these costumes are only worn a handful of times. Sites like and sell pre-owned Minnie Mouse costumes for kids, teens and adults starting at $10.99.

Check out this helpful DIY video of making a Minnie mouse costume

· Another option is a DIY Minnie Mouse Halloween costume. and offer instructions for making your own Minnie Mouse costume. Additionally, there are an abundance of DIY Minnie Mouse costume video tutorials for kids, teens and adults on

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