How much does a monkey costume cost? We review kid,adult and DIY options

How Much Does a Monkey Costume Cost? Review our price guide below.

Price Range:

Kids monkey costume prices= $10.99 – $75

Adult monkey costume prices= $16.99 – $300

Costume-made monkey costume prices= $29-$260

Check out these monkey costumes below…

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Monkey costumes are a great way for your party theme come to life. Whether it’s Halloween, a special occasion, or a regular day, there are unlimited monkey costume styles and variations. With so many monkey costumes to choose from, you (or your child) won’t need much persuasion to dress up!

Normal costs:

· Kid’s Monkey Costumes are adorable and come in many themes and sizes. sells the Sock Monkey Costume For Boys and Girls on sale for $29. sells the Mischievous Monkey Baby Costume for $21.49, the Little Monkey Baby Costume 6-12 Months for $14.79, and the Curious George Kids’ Costume for $16.69. sells the Flying Monkey of Oz Toddler Costume for $25.60, the Monkey Child Hooded Zoo Circus Animal Costume Cape Cloak Mantle for $17.23, the Rainbow Sock Monkey Toddler Costume for $10.24, and the Piggyback Ride On Youth Monkey Costume for $59.95.

· Adults like to play dress up too! Adult Monkey Costumes are a creative way to unleash your primitive personality. sells the Deluxe Adult Monkey Costume for $34.95, and the Adult Flying Monkey Costume – Wizard of Oz for $85.95. sells the Adult Monkey Business Costume for $16.99, the Adult Zipster Monkey One Piece for $34.95, the Adult Oversized Chimp Monkey Mask for $12.99, and the Monkey & Banana Couples Costumes for $79.99.

· Custom-made Monkey costumes are another option. They can be tailored to specific measurements or simply purchased as is. Crafters on sell a variety of custom-made monkey costumes like the Baby Monkey Costume – Safari Nursery – Newborn Monkey Outfit starting at $29.95, the Monkey costume – monkey tutu – girls dress up costume starting at $34.99, the Marvelous Monkey Costume starting at $43, the Baboon Monkey Mascot Costume Adult Animal Costume for $299, the MONKEY SUIT for Men and Women for $239, and the Adult Animal Onesie (Kigurumi – Cosplay) – Monkey Costume for $90

· Whether you are a mischievous monkey or a flying monkey, you are going to need accessories such as monkey tails, paws, masks, etc. sells monkey costume accessories starting at $6.99.

Make your own monkey costume. Check out this video on how to do it

· Buying a preowned Monkey costume can save money, especially since these costumes are only worn a handful of times. and sell preowned monkey costumes starting at $14.99.

· Another option is a DIY monkey costume., and offer a variety of fun instructions for making your own monkey costume. Additionally, there are unlimited video tutorials of DIY monkey costumes, from kids to adults, on

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