How much does a Pirate costume cost? We review prices on kids,adult and custom- made

How Much Does a Pirate Halloween Costume Cost? Check out our helpful price guide below.

Child pirate costumes price= $9 – $35

Adult pirate costume price= $30 – $99

Custom-made pirate costume price= $50 – $400

Looking for the ultimate disguise? The Pirate Halloween Costume is perfect for the daredevil inside of you. Transform into a high-seas swashbuckler this Halloween season while you shop for a variety of Pirate inspired costumes in styles and sizes for individuals and families.
Basic costs:
· Children’s Pirate Halloween costumes can be found at local retailers during the holiday season or purchased online. sells a variety of kids Pirate costumes like the Boys Pirate Costume for $9.93, the Rascal Pirate Buccaneer Child Costume for $15.44, the Caribbean Pirate Child Halloween Costume for $18.50, the Ahoy Matey! Pirate Toddler Halloween Costume for $23.65 and the Pirate Buccaneer Rebel of the Sea Boys Costume for $28.34. sells the Pirate Costume Play Set For Boys for $19.97 and the Pirate Costume for Baby for $26.

· Even adults can suit up and set sail! Become your favorite buccaneer for Halloween with one of these adult Pirate costumes. sells the Adult Cutthroat Pirate Costume for $29.99, the Women’s Captain Hook Costume for $49.99, the Ruthless Rogue Pirate Costume for $44.99, and the Ghost Pirate Costume for $69.99. Check out the Adult Captain Black Heart Pirate Plus Size Costume for $79.99, the Adult Jack Sparrow Costume Deluxe for $59.99, the Adult Shipwreck Pirate Costume for $39.99, and the vintage-looking Adult Captain Dark Water Pirate Costume for $79.99 all at

· Homemade and custom-made Pirate Halloween costumes are very popular. They can be tailored to specific measurements or simply purchased as is. sells the Custom Crafted Boy Pirate Outfit Set for $51, the Minnie Mouse Red Black Pirate Costume starting at $16.95, and the Red Black Skull Renaissance Steampunk Pirate Costume for $174.99. sells an impressive variety of made-to-order Renaissance Pirate Costumes starting at $250.

· Complete your Pirate costume with the perfect accessories. Find rogue pirate hats, buccaneer boots, black wigs, jewelry, pirate sleeve hooks and much more at and starting at $4.99.

Make your own pirate costume! This video will help you out.

· Buying a used Pirate Halloween costume can save money, especially since these costumes are only worn a handful of times. Sites like and sell used Pirate costumes from $12.99 to $109.99.

· Maybe you want it all, but for only one evening. Then renting a Pirate Halloween costume is for you. and have Pirate costume rentals starting at $55 delivered right to your front door.

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· Another option is a DIY Pirate Halloween costume. and offer instructions for making your own Pirate costume. Additionally, there are unlimited video tutorials for many styles of Pirate costumes on

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