How much does a popcorn machine cost? We review prices on different sizes

How Much Does a Popcorn Machine Cost?

Price Range: $20 – $500

Hot Oil Popcorn Machines- Price range= $25-$180

Hot Air Popcorn Machines- Price range $20-$50

Low-commercial popcorn machines- Price range= $100-$500

Nothing beats a movie theater experience more than real movie theater popcorn! Popcorn machines bring the nostalgic fresh-popped novelty right to our couches. Popping corn manually on the stove is time consuming and takes a watchful eye as to not burn the kernels, while microwaving popcorn is convenient, it involves unpleasant chemicals in the bags. Check out the many household options for making America’s favorite snack.

Hot Oil Popcorn Machines use corn kernels and your choice of oil for popping.
Normal costs: $25 – $180

· sells the West Bend 82505 Stir Crazy Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper Machine with Stirring Rod and Large Lid for Serving Bowl – 6 Quart for $24.99, the Hamilton Beach Electric Hot Oil Popcorn Popper, Healthy Snack Maker, 24 Cups for $25.99, Popcorn Maker Machine by Paramount – New 8oz Capacity Hot-Oil Popper and includes popcorn scoop for $69.99, the Cuisinart CPM-700 EasyPop Popcorn Maker – Red for $43.95,
and the retro Nostalgia Concession CCP510 Vintage Professional Popcorn Cart-New 8-Ounce Kettle-53 Inches Tall-Red for $179.99, this unit pops up to 32 cups of movie theater style popcorn and the top is removable for counter-top use.

Hot Air Popcorn Machines use only corn kernels and hot air for popping.
Typical costs: $20 – $50

· sells the Orville Redenbacher’s® Hot Air Fountain® Popper by Presto 04868 for $44.95, the Brentwood PC-486W 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Maker – White for $18.09, the Star Wars R2-D2 Hot Air Popcorn Popper $33.79 and the Star Wars Rogue One Death Star Popcorn Maker – Hot Air Style with Removable Bowl $49.95, especially for movie fans! For sports fans, check out the Brentwood PC-482 Soccer Ball 8-Cup Hot Air Popcorn Maker for only $29.99.

Never used a popcorn machine? This video will help…

We’ll include Low-Volume Commercial Popcorn Machines which are great for family gatherings, festivals, and special events.

Normal costs: $100 – $500

· Webstaurant sells low-volume commercial popcorn machines like the Carnival King PM470 4 oz. Popcorn Machine / Popper – 120V, 470W for $106.99, the sleek aluminum Paragon 1104520 Black Gatsby 4 oz. Popcorn Machine for $256.99, the Paragon 1104850 Cineplex Yellow 4 oz. Popcorn Machine for $262.99, and from the Benchmark USA Premiere series, the Benchmark USA 11048 Premiere 4 oz. Gold Popcorn Machine – 120V, 930W, featuring gold accents and film pattern, for $309.99.

· Once your popcorn machine has done its job, you’ll want to add your favorite flavors and toppings for the perfect experience. and your local Walmart carries items like Drizzle Brittle, Movie Theater Butter & Oil, seasonings, flavored salts, cheese Powder, etc. Prices range from $5 – $20.

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