How much does a ten speed bike cost? We discuss prices on different options

How Much Does a 10 Speed Bike Cost? Check out our price guide below…

Price Range for ten speed bikes run $800 – $2,000+

Cycling is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. If you prefer to bike on paved roads, streets, and smooth paths then a 10 speed bike is right for you! You can change the pedaling resistance by shifting gears – up to 10 different resistance settings. This allows you to tackle different terrain without changing your pedaling speed. Higher gears increase pedaling resistance and are typically used on declines, while lower gears decrease pedaling resistance and are useful for inclines. Now let’s go shopping.

· sells the KONA WHEELHOUSE BIKE 2018 featuring a steel frame, a full Shimano Tiagra drivetrain for accurate shifts, and mechanical disc brakes in front and rear for $1199.99, and the ORBEA AVANT M40TEAM-D BIKE 2020 which is supplied with a drivetrain full of Shimano Tiagra 10-speed components and a set of hydraulic disc brakes for $2,299. Additionally, the Orbea’s sizing system accommodates a wider range of riders.

· sells the KONA ESATTO D 700C ROAD ENDURANCE on sale for $899, featuring a Kona Scandium 69 tube set with disc brakes, and a full carbon disc-specific fork with tapered steerer. Check out their Verza Speed 10 with a frame engineered from Felt’s FLite custom aluminum including a carbon fiber fork and seat post on sale for $1,299, and the FELT NINE 5 CARBON 29ER for $1,399. features 365 Day Returns and Free Ground Shipping over $50.

· sells the GT Grade Carbon Elite – 2020 for $2,000, with out of the box native 160mm rotors front/rear including a standard adapter that can move up to 180mm rotors giving big braking power, and they sell the affordable Cleary Scout 26-inch 10 Speed – 2019 for $860 that’s light and compact for handling uphill challenges and steep downhill terrain.

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· Purchasing pre-owned 10 speed bikes are an excellent option if you are want to try out a few models to see what suits you. Sites like,,,, and even online stores offer plenty of used bicycles for sale. You can find pre-owned 10 speed bikes starting as low as $150 for vintage models, and $300 and up for other models.

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