How much does a turkey fryer cost? We review price on different fryers

How Much Does a Turkey Fryer Cost?

Indoor turkey fryer price = $55-$137

Outdoor turkey fryer price =$69-$130

Oil less turkey fryer price= $100-$140

Thanksgiving is a beautiful time to get together with family and to create new memories. However, if you are tied to your kitchen for hours checking on that turkey in the oven, you may miss all the fun! Frying your turkey in a turkey fryer allows you to cook the turkey faster. A 12- to 14-pound turkey needs 3 1/4 hours in the oven. This same turkey will fry up in 36 to 47 minutes. Plus, a turkey fryer seals in the juices, so the inside of the turkey stays flavorful and moist, while the outside remains nice and crispy.

Normal costs:

· Indoor Turkey Fryers are convenient and portable. If you are cooking a large meal that requires you to stay in the kitchen, an indoor turkey fryer is just what you need. Visit your local Walmart or their website for turkey fryers like the Butterball 23011514 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer for $109.99, the Bayou Classic Grand Gobbler Indoor Turkey Fryer for $54.88, the Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, 14 lb. Capacity for $89.95, and the Masterbuilt Butterball XL 1650W Digital Electric 20 Pound Turkey Fryer for $136.79.

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· If you prefer handling a large pot of boiling oil in a larger space like your backyard, then an Outdoor Turkey Fryer is best for you. sells the River Grille 30 Qt. Turkey Fryer Package for $69, the King Kooker 38,000 BTU Propane Gas Outdoor Turkey Fryer with 29 qt. Pot, Steamer Basket and Battery Operated Timer for $105.84, the King Kooker 38,000 BTU Propane Gas Outdoor Turkey Fryer with 29 qt. Pot and Battery Operated Timer for $68.98, and the King Kooker Outdoor Chef’s Hot Tub 33,000 BTU Propane Gas Outdoor Cooker with 26 qt. Aluminum Pot for $125.84.

· Oil-less Turkey Fryers are a great alternative for those that are health conscious and prefer less fat. sells the Char-Broil® Big Easy™ Oil-Less Turkey Fryer with Tru-Infrared™ cooking technology that promises an evenly-cooked meal every time. This oil-less turkey fryer can accommodate a 16-pound turkey. Visit Lowes for the oil-less turkey fryer for only $139.

Need help deep frying your turkey? Check out this video for help

6 of the best Turkey Fryers for your thanksgiving turkey
1. Masterbuilt 23011114 Butterball Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, XL $159.95
2. Butterball XXL Digital 22 lb. Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer, Steel and Black $233.69
3. Masterbuilt Butterball XXL Digital Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer $241.01
4. Butterball XL Stainless Steel Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer With Digital Timer $189.81
5. Double-Wall Construction Electric Oil-Free Turkey Fryer, Removable Drip Pan $230.09
6. Butterball Indoor Electric 20LB Turkey Fryer $199

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