How much does a used iphone cost? We talk prices for different iphones

How Much Is a Used Iphone?

Iphone is one of the most sought after smartphones in the market. The recent versions of Iphone boosts of some revolutionary features that set them apart from the rest. Features such as face id, missing home key, wireless charging and professional camera are what distinguish Iphone X from the other versions. However, all these features come at a cost. In fact, the latest phone versions top $1000 when new. That is why people are increasingly going for used iphones that offer similar functions as the newer ones but at much reduced prices.

The prices for used Iphone devices range from $200 to $600. This is dependent on the version, the features, condition as well as the accessories that come with the device. However, when looking at used units that are up for sale, it is difficult to predict color choices. Therefore, it is advisable to dig deep in the market so as to find the right piece. Below, we will look at some of the popular Iphone devices in the market.

Used Apple iPhone 8 (64GB) – Silver [Locked to Simple Mobile Prepaid] – $500

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Iphone 8 stands out as one of the most notable Iphone versions in the market. This is because it is loaded with a lot of superior features that make it a viable improvement of its predecessor, the Iphone 7. From the price point, you can see that the Iphone 8 is one of the most advanced devices in the series.


· The phone has 4.7-Inch Retina HD display with true Tone
· Water proof. IP67 water and dust resistant (maximum depth of 1 meter up to 30 minutes)
· Powerful 2MP camera with OIS and 4K video
· 7MP Face Time HD Camera with Retina flash
· Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay
· A11 bionic with neutral engine
· iOS 12 with Screen Time, Group FaceTime, and even faster performance

Apple iPhone 7, GSM Unlocked, 32GB – Black (Refurbished) –

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Iphone 7 from apple is another option that you have when you want to buy a used Iphone. If your interest is internet and managing general multimedia content, then the Iphone 7 is an ideal device for you. It comes with the following features:

· Professionally inspected and tested to work and look like new, Box and relevant accessories (no headphones included) may be generic. If you buy from Ebay, you will get a 90 day guarantee.
· GSM Unlocked and therefore will work with all GSM carriers around the world. However, it is important to note that this phone will not work with CDMA SIM cards.
· 12MP rear camera with optical image stabilization, Quad-LED True Tone flash, and Live Photos LTE Advanced up to 450 Mbps and 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.
· The phone also has Wi-Fi with MIMO iOS 10 and iCloud.

Apple iPhone 6, GSM Unlocked, 16GB – Space Gray (Refurbished) – $150

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The Iphone 6 is another option that you have when looking for an Iphone. Like its predecessors, Iphone 6 brought some innovative features that took the series a notch higher. The most notable features of this phone are the 16 GB internal memory, retina screen and a powerful processor. On the other hand, The Iphone 6 comes in a wide range of color options such as white, black purple and grey. With this series, you are assured of finding a color that will suit your style.

Apple iPhone 5S 16GB GSM Unlocked, Silver (Refurbished) – $100

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The Iphone 5 is ideal for those who are looking for a retrograde mobile device. And although it is quite far from the current version of the Iphone, it is loaded with the right smartphone features that can appeal to your individual needs. With a fast processor and 16 GB internal storage, you are assured of having a phone that will meet your mobile needs.

Apple iphone x

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Features that makes Iphone X so desirable

The missing home key

Unlike the previous versions of Iphone, Iphone X does not come with a home key. This not only makes the phone easy to use, but also changes the general looks of the device.

Face id

The Iphone x comes with a light emitter, distance sensor and receiver that helps identify human face and eyeball. This is important for it creates security for your phone. You can thus be able to make payments through ipay.

Professional camera

Iphone X comes with a professional camera that is fitted with 12MP and AR effects. This is important for taking professional shots. Because of the camera, the Iphone X comes as a replacement for your digital camera.

Wireless charging

The good thing with the Iphone X is that you can charge it wirelessly via an airpower. This is a device that charges the phone through infra red system.

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