How much does a witch costume cost? We review prices for kids,adult and custom made

Prices for witches costumes…

Child witches costume cost= $7.99 – $50.00

Adult witches costume cost= $35.00 – $90.00

Custom Made witches costume cost= $60.00 – $100+

Check out these witches costumes below

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The iconic Witch costume can be fun and alluring. Witches are a huge part of Halloween. Whether you like the Gothic Witch, the Scary Witch, the Mid-century Witch, or even the Good Witch, choosing the perfect costume and accessories are necessary for a successful look.

Typical costs:
· Children’s Witches Halloween costumes can be found at local retailers during the holiday season or can be purchased online. A greater selection is available if you choose to purchase online. Pay only $6.99 to $34.66 for a child witch costume at your local Walmart store or visit The Classic Black Witch Girl’s Costume is $49.99 at The Vintage Witch Costume For Girls at is $49.97. sells their Child Gothic Witch costume for only $15.99. sells this Wizard of Oz Deluxe Glinda The Good Witch Costume (75th Anniversary Edition) for a low price of $36.99.

· Even adults can get in on all the wicked fun! Spooky or glamorous, become your favorite Witch for Halloween with one of these Adult Witch costumes. sells a Hallow’s Eve Women’s Orange & Black Witch Costume
for $39.99, additionally they offer plus-size costumes like the Women’s Plus Size Purple Moon Witch Costume for $44.99. The Victorian Era Salem Witch Costume with Poplin Long Sleeves for $87.49 is a great find at

· Homemade and custom-made Witch Halloween costumes are another option. They can be tailored to specific measurements or simply purchased as is. has a cool Steampunk Witch Costume for Girls for $89.95 and a cute Wicked Witch Tutu Dress Costume for $59.99. Create your own unique Witch costume at starting at $24.99.

· Complete your Witch costume with the perfect accessories. Find witch hats, flying brooms, long black wigs, shoes, crooked witch noses and much more at and starting at $5.99.

· Buying a used Witch Halloween costume can save money, especially since these costumes are only worn a handful of times. Sites like and sell used Witches costumes from $14.99 to $99. If committing to an expensive purchase spooks you, then try renting a Witch costume instead. and have Witch costume rentals starting at $34.99 delivered right to your front door.

· Another option is a DIY Witch Halloween costume. Check out this helpful video… and offer instructions for making your own Witch costume. Additionally, there are unlimited video tutorials for every style of Witch costume imaginable on

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