How much does a zip line kit for the backyard cost? Check out our price guide for answers

How Much Does a Zip Line Kit Cost?

Price Range: $134 – $600 +

Zip-line kits are great family fun! They consist of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. Some are short and low, intended for child’s play and can be found on playgrounds. While others are longer and higher rides that all ages can enjoy. A typical backyard zip-line kit includes a galvanized steel cable, steel trolley with rubber grip handles, hardware to attach to 2 trees, retrieval lanyard, and instructions. While shopping around, it’s important to research and understand each of the components in the zip-line kit so you make the best choice for your family.

Normal costs:

· Zip-line kits designed specifically for kids help improve their strength, athleticism, and balance. sells the 150-Foot Blue Zip-line Kit with a seat included for $199, the 100-Foot Green Zip-line Kit for $159, and the 80-Foot Red Zip-line Kit for $134. All of these kits include a steel cable, tree protectors, carriage with non-slip handles, adjustable seat, rubber brake, hanging hardware, and detailed installation and safety instructions. sells the ZL90 90’ Zip Line for 8 years and up for $165, and the Night Riderz Zip-line Kit for night time zipping! This Night Riderz Zip-line Kit for $179 features super-bright LED lights that illuminate a 100′-long zip-line and seat.

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· If you are looking for more distance, sells the Chetco Zip-Line Kit – 100 ft., 150′ OR 200′ for $269.95, the Chetco Combo Zip-Line Kit – One Harness – 100 ft., 150′ OR 200′ for $444.95, the Chetco Combo Zip-Line Kit – Two Harness – 100 ft., 150′ OR 200′ for $544.95, and the Rogue Zip-Line Kit – 150 ft. TO 500′ Lengths for $539.95. sells the BrakeHawk Zip-line Kit ranging from $535 – $700 with cable langths from 150 ft. to 500′, and the SLEADD 250LX Zip Line Kit for $900 which features a 250 ft. Cable, In-Line Tensioner, Harness and a Bungee Brake Kit for smooth stopping.

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Top Rated Zip-line Kits

· CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat $189.74
· CTSC 60 Foot Zip Line Kit for Kids and Adult(Less Then 250lb) (60 Foot B) $89.99
· Slackers 40′ Zipline Falcon Kit $84.95
· Slackers 70′ Hawk Series Zipline w/ Spring Brake kit $141.75
· Alien Flier X3-H150 Backyard Zip Line Kit $269.95
· JOYMOR 118ft Backyard Zip Line Kit with Trolley, Brake System,Safe Belt and Seat $149.99
· American Ninja, Camping Zipline (80 ft) $109.95

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